10 Interesting Ideas With Confetti Balloons


Confetti balloons are the best and affordable way to add charm in birthdays, festivals and weddings. You can put metallic material, mylar or glitter inside the balloon and inflate them with the help of helium tank or manually. So try this easy DIY in your next party and add charm to the décor.

Confetti in a White Balloon
Confetti in a White Balloon

You can choose colorful confetti and place it inside the white balloon; the bunch of white balloons looks graceful.

Confetti Dipped Balloons
DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons

Confetti filled balloons are attractive; you can place candies inside it, and kids will wait for balloon bomb to burst.

Confetti Filled Balloon
Confetti Filled Balloon

Celebrate the birthday of your family member with lovely decoration; confetti filled balloon enhances the grace of party décor.

Gold Confetti Balloon
Gold Confetti Balloon

The lovely gold confetti balloon decoration is best idea for wedding décor; it is an effective way to enhance the charm of the party.

Confetti Balloon Cake
Confetti Balloon Cake

Add charm to the yummy cake with confetti balloon; you can place different candies inside to make it attractive.

Confetti Balloon
New Years Eve Confetti Balloons

Celebrate the New Year eve with lovely decoration; the glitter and confetti enhance the grace of decoration.

Balloons Confetti
Easy Confetti Balloon Wands

You can fill mini balloons with colorful confetti and place them in your living area; the helium-filled balloons look attractive.

Confetti Balloons Baby Shower
Balloon in Balloon coupled with Confetti for a Baby Shower

The bunch of colorful balloons looks excellent; you can decorate the strings with colorful confetti.

Confetti Balloons
DIY Confetti Balloons

You can choose a pink color for a girl and blue color for boy’s birthday party; this is an ideal décor choice for a baby shower too.

Making Confetti Balloons for Party
Making Confetti Balloons for Party

Enhance the charm of a birthday party with golden confetti filled balloons; Choose pink for girl and blue for boy birthday party.

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