21 Interesting Balloon Wreath Ideas


Deck up the entrance door or intensify home interior by colorful balloon wreath. Use it as your party décor and make your guests spellbound. You can embellish it with a bow or use any Disney character to enhance its grace. Show your creative skills and decorate these wreaths in various ways.

Balloon Wreath Pictures
Balloon Wreath Craft


Balloon Wreath Directions
Homemade Balloon Wreath


Balloon Wreath
Balloon Wreath

The medium sized water balloons are required to make this alluring wreath; you can use ribbons, curlicues or soft toy to make it appealing.

Birthday Balloon Wreath
Making a Birthday Balloon Wreath

The easy and beautiful DIY looks lovely and enhances the grace of wall and door.

Mickey Balloon Wreath
Mickey Mouse Balloon Wreath


Blown Up Balloon Wreath
Unique Blown Up Balloon Wreath for Christmas

Make different cartoon characters on a piece of paper and decorate wreath using these colorful cartoons.

Balloon Wreath Tutorial
Christmas Wreath by Balloon Twisting


Tutorial for Balloon Wreath
Minnie Mouse Balloon Wreath

Are you planning for a weekend party? Well, this decorative accessory is a must have the option to intensify the look.

Balloon Wreath DIY
Balloon Wreath DIY


Balloon Christmas Wreath
Balloon Christmas Wreath

Give a new look to the main gate of your home with colorful wreath; you can use balloons of the same color or match to the wall color.

Superhero Balloon Wreath
Superhero Balloon Wreath Idea

Use round metal rod frame to place balloons in a series, embellish it with ribbons and your wreath is ready for use.

Balloon Wreath with Pipe Cleaners
Birthday Balloon Wreath with Pipe Cleaners


Sesame Street Balloon Wreath
Sesame Street Balloon Door Wreath


Elmo Balloon Wreath
Elmo Balloon Wreath

Decorate your home with a pretty and charming wreath and make your guest spellbound with its mesmerizing appearance.

Easy Balloon Wreath with Styrofoam
Balloon Wreath of Styrofoam
Deflated Balloon Party Wreath
Deflated Balloon Wreath

Enjoy and make this fun handcraft in your spare time and you are ready for festive home decoration.

Water Balloon Wreath
Water Balloon Wreath
Small Balloon Wreath
Rainbow Water Balloon Wreath

Use colorful balloons in a pattern to make this wreath; this easy DIY completes in a couple of days. You can use star appliqué to make it attractive.

Directions to Make a Balloon Wreath

How to Make a Balloon Wreath?

Follow the instructions step by step and do this DIY easily.

Balloon Wreath DIY Instructions

Make sure to follow the directions carefully and do this project efficiently.

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