28 Crochet Pokémon Patterns

Try your crocheting skills and make some imaginary characters for your kids, friends, family or donate in orphanages; kids love to receive the replicas inspired by the popular game, and you will be happy too. So it’s your time to show your love for your near and dear ones and make them joyous with your crochet work.

Crochet Pokémon Instructions
Crochet Pokemon Patterns Free


Pokémon Crochet Pattern For Free
Crochet Pokémon Pattern

Crochet Pokémon Patterns for Free
Crochet Pattern of Pokémon


How to Crochet a Pokémon Plush
Crochet Pokémon Plush Pattern


 Sports weight yarn is the best-suited choice for this pattern and you will get neat stitch; Ensure to pick only bright color yarns to get the perfect look.

Pattern to Crochet a Pokémon
DIY Crochet Pokémon Pattern


Free Crochet Pattern of Pokémon
Pokémon Crochet Pattern

Enamoring Pokémon Crochet Plushie
Pokémon Crochet Plushie


Enchanting Pokémon Crochet Doll
Pokémon Crochet Doll


The perfect pattern for kids,  girls will love to have a crochet doll; you can use yarns of your choice however it is always recommended to use vibrant colors.

Amigurumi Pokémon Crochet Idea
Crochet Amigurumi Pokémon


Crochet Pokémon Bulbasaur Tutorial
Crochet Pokémon Bulbasaur


Lovable Charmander Pokémon Crochet
Crochet Pokémon Charmander


Pokémon Charizard in Crocheted Form
Crochet Pokémon Charizard

The patterns are approximately six inches tall and require worsted yarn for the better result; You should know to work in the round, increase or decrease using a tapestry needle.

Crochet a Pink Chibi Pokémon
Crochet Chibi Pokémon


Crocheted Lugia Dragon Pokémon
Crochet Pokémon Dragon Lugia


Crochet Charming Eevee Pokémon
Crochet Pokémon Eevee


Crocheting Pokémon Eevelutions
Crochet Pokémon Eeveelutions


These are some excellent gifts for your family and friends; game fanatics love to have them however the large dragon is not suitable for beginners and needs expertise.

Pokémon Ninetails Crochet
Crochet Pokémon Ninetails


Crochet Pattern for Pokémon Gengar
Pokémon Gengar Crochet Pattern


Crochet a Mew Pokémon
Crochet Pokémon Mew


Mini Pokémon in Crochet
Crochet Mini Pokémon


The head and body are quite simple, and you can choose bright colors of your choice; you can purchase red eyes online.

Crocheted Pokémon Mudkip
Pokémon Mudkip Crochet


Tiny Crochet Pichu of Pokémon
Crochet Pokémon Pichu


Crochet Pikachu of Pokémon
Crochet Pokémon Pikachu


Pokémon Squirtle in Crochet
Crochet Pokémon Squirtle


You can make long ears of mudkip separately and sew them afterwards; glue the eyes characters at the end and bring the virtual world into reality by your skill.

Stuffed Pokémon Crochet
Crochet Stuffed Pokémon


Crochet Pokémon Togepi Plush
Crochet Pokémon Togepi


Cute Pokémon Crochet Toy
Pokémon Crochet Toy


Dark Crochet Pokémon Umbreon
Crochet Pokémon Umbreon

Customize the size of these patterns as you desire; you can make the large or small tail and ears and use different colors as per your choice.


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