28 Easy Ways to Knit a Headband

The fascinating patterns are easy, and you can knit them using a variety of yarns; they are also used as ear warmers. Choose the colors matching to your outfit and get them complete in a weekend. Try and make pretty and attractive headbands.

Knit Headband Pattern
Knit a Headband Patterns

Use bulky yarn for this pattern; you can choose the color that matches your outfit.

How to Knit a Headband
Knit a Stylish Winter Headband

This pattern is casual enough for everyday wear and suitable for all the age groups.

How to Knit a Headband for Beginners
Knitted Braided Headband Pattern

Use bulky yarn to make this pattern; it also protects ears from cold winds.

Knit Ear Warmer Headband
Hairband Ear Warmer with Bumps

This distinct pattern looks incredible and gives a stylish look.


Easy Way to Knit a Headband with a Flower and Jewel
Flower Button Headband

Flowers are always unique; so try this lovely pattern and show your knitting skills.

Easy Way to Knit a Headband with a Flower and Jewel

Follow the instructions carefully to get the desired result.

Tutorial For Cable Knit Headband Pattern

Make sure to follow the instruction to get the desired result.

Free Knit Headband Pattern
DIY Knit Braided Headband

The simple and elegant pattern is loved by all and is a big hit; use medium weight yarn to make this pattern.

Knit Flower Headband
Knitted Headband with Flower

This versatile pattern is alluring and provides more coverage and warmth.

Knitting Pattern for Headband

The pattern provides good coverage as well as looks stylish and protects you from cold winds.

Knit Headwrap Headband Pattern
Knit Headwrap Headband Pattern

Choose the color of yarn that matches your outfit and make this beautiful pattern in no time.

How to Make a Knitted Headband with a Bow
Knit Bow Headband

A knitted bow gives a distinct look to this simple headband; this is the perfect accessory for outings.

How to Knit a Turban Headband
Knitted Turban Headband

Feel like a diva with this exclusively beautiful pattern; you can use the bulky yarn for this headband.

Cable Knit Headband
Faux Cabled Headband

This pretty accessory uses bulky yarn; the simple knitting pattern makes it perfect for beginners.

Knit Headband Pattern
Cable Headband Knitting Pattern

The simple yet elegant pattern is eye-catching; use medium weight yarn for this project.

Little Bow Baby Knit Headband Pattern
Knit Baby Headband

This is a cute and stylish pattern for your baby; you can also embellish it with decorative buttons.

DIY Knit Fabric Headband
       Knit Fabric Headband DIY

This weekend DIY is easy; choose the print and color of your choice and get it complete in a day or two.

Knit Ear Warmer Headband
Knit Ear Warmer Headband

Try this pattern with the colors of your choice and get elegant accessory in no time.

How to Knit an Owl Headband
Knit Owl Headband Pattern

This attractive pattern is eye-catching; make sure to use buttons for making owl’s eyes.

Knit a Small Moss Stitch Headband: DIY
Knit Headband DIY

Use medium weight yarn for this project; the simple repeated knitting design makes it suitable for beginners.

Free Knit Headband Pattern
Knit Pattern for Headband

The pattern is easy enough for beginners; it is a good daily wear option.

How to Knit a Headband
Cool Blue Knitted Headband

The mesmerizing pattern gives good coverage and looks stylish.

How to Knit a Lace Headband?

Follow the instructions and get your project complete in a day or two.

Knitted Turban Tutorial

Go through every instruction before starting your project.

Knit Headband
DIY Cable Knit Headband

Bulky yarn is the foremost requirement of this stitch; you can wear this on your outings.

Knitted Headband Pattern
DIY Knit Headband Pattern

This beautiful pattern is perfect for kids and adults as well as looks stylish and elegant.

Knit Headband
Knitted Headband

This simple pattern is suitable for all ages and is an excellent option to show your creative skills.

Free Headband Neck Warmer Knitting Pattern with Buttons
Knitted Headband Pattern with Button Closure

Use a decorative button or simple one and try this easy pattern; the repeated stitch is quite simple.

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