28 Lovely Feather Headbands

Feather headbands look gorgeous and give a beautiful look to hair; this accessory uses a variety of feathers and various embellishments. You can try this lovely fashion accessory in festivals or theme parties. So get ready to make some of the given designer headbands and flaunt your creativity where ever you go.

1920s Feather Headband
1920s Headband with Feathers

White feather enhances the charm of pearl band; this is the perfect way to accessorize your hair.

Feather Headband
Indian Headband with Feathers

The beautiful pearl band with colorful pattern looks fabulous, and the contrast color combination is alluring.

Baby Headband with Feathers
Baby Feather Headband

The lovely headband elevates the cuteness quotient of the little baby; use of pink color feather along with pink lacy band makes it an ideal choice for toddlers.

Feather Flapper Headband
Flapper Feather Headband

Design this fabulous headband and show off your creative skills; this hair accessory will make you center of attraction in the party.

Feather Drop Headband
Headband of Feathers

With limited craft supply you can make this easy headband; glue some feathers on one side of the band and embellish the same with a broach or rhinestone studded flowers.

Native American Indian Feather Headband
Native American Feather Headband

Do this project with colorful feathers; Glue different colorful feathers in a sequence and let them dry for some hours and your handmade headband is ready for use.

Easy Peacock Feather Headband
Peacock Feather Headband

The simple and elegant headband is easy to design; use a hot glue gun to paste peacock feather to the band.

White Feathered Headband
Feathered Headband

Enhance the grace of your hair with lovely headband; you can choose the color of a feather as per your choice.

Feathers in Headband
DIY Feather Headband

The simple pattern is easy to design; you can use old headband as the base and glue feather strap over it. Your brand new hair accessory is ready for use.

Feather Fascinator Headband
Feather Fascinator Headband

Green color feathers give an awesome look to the headband; Design this lovely headband and give a new look to hair.

Leather Feather Headband
Leather Headband with Feathers

Make the braid with colorful leather strips and attach feather tassels to it; you can choose the feathers as per your choice.

Peacock Feather Baby Headband
Peacock Feather Headband for Baby

The simple DIY enhances the cuteness quotient of your kid; attach the beautiful peacock feathers to the elastic band, and the cute headband is ready.

Braided Hanging Feather Headband
Hanging Feather Headband

The hanging headband adds the glam quotient to your personality; you can use the tassels of your choice to make this awesome accessory.

Feather Pattern Great Gatsby Headband
Great Gatsby Feather Headband

The Gatsby-inspired feather headband looks gorgeous and gives the charm of 1920’s era.

Mohawk Feather Headband Idea
Feather Mohawk Headband

Use of owl and eagle feathers is appropriate for this craft; design this headband and enjoy the fashion of renaissance era.

Feather Headband for Baby Girl
Baby Girl’s Feather Headband

The pretty headband enhances the charm of your adorable little one; use your creative skills and your kid is going to love this too.

Feather Headband for Newborn
Newborn Feather Headband

Do this lovely craft and gift it for a newborn child; you can gift it in a baby shower ceremony too.

Feather Hippie Headband
Hippie Feather Headband

The colorful feather tassels along with beads give a gorgeous look; this is apt everyday hair accessory.

Vintage Feather Headband Guide
Vintage Feather Headband

The simple project requires satin ribbon, broach, feathers, and hot glue; arrange these as shown in the image, and you are ready to flaunt your creative skills.

Tribal Feather Headband Tutorial
Tribal Feather Headband

The combination of different types of feathers along with beads looks beautiful; you can embellish it with the rhinestone band too.

Feather Sequin Headband
Sequin Headband with Feathers

Wear this beautiful headband and make everybody mesmerize with its look.

Ostrich Feather Headband in Purple
Purple Ostrich Feather Headband

The simple DIY completes in an hour; the shimmery band along with purple color feather looks gorgeous and perfect for a party.

Feather Headband Headdress in Crown Pattern
Feather Headband Headdress in Crown Style

You need colorful feathers and a band along with hot glue; paste these feathers in a sequence to make this pattern.

Bridal Feather Headband for Weddings
Bridal/Wedding Feather Headband

Glue some white feathers on crystal bands and embellish it with a crystal brooch and a beautiful, elegant headband is ready to enhance the charm of the bride.

Jeweled Headband Tutorial Using Feather Pad
Jeweled Headband Using Feather Pad

The shining rhinestone bands give an elegant look to the headband; try this craft and show off your creativity among friends and family.

Boho Feather Beaded Headband DIY
Feather Beaded Headband

While going for parties don’t forget to wear this beautiful hair accessory; pair it with a gorgeous gown, and you are going to be the centre of attraction at a party.

Red Vegas Feather Headband
Vegas Feather Headband

This DIY requires limited supply; the black and white beads give a mesmerizing look to the headband along with the eye-pleasing white feathers.

Jeweled Feather Pad Headband Tutorial

Follow the instructions given in the link to do this easy DIY without hassle.

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