4 Knitted Beard Hat Patterns


A beard and a hat- is that all you need to make a beard hat! On a serious note, you need thick and bulky yarns and large thick needles for a nice knit beard hat. These serve as last minute gifts for your near and dear ones. These can fit into any head for its upper stretchable ribbed style. Follow our knitting pattern to make a warm bearded hat more simply. It can be knitted in any color you want to give it a personalized feeling, and it can be knit in no time. Better finishing can be done with super soft and fuzzy yarns and circular needles for making simple but attractive bearded hats.

Bearded Beanie Knitted Beard Hat Pattern

You can simply make your kid super adorable by this intricate bearded infant beanie hat. This pattern looks unique on them.

Bearded Beanie Knitted Beard Hat Pattern

Men love bearded hats for they keep them super warm during cold weather days. So you must gift one to your man.

Knitted Beanie with Beard Pattern

Soft fuzzy bearded hats are great gifts for babies knitted up in moss stitch to give a subtle textured finish.

Knitted Beanie with Beard Pattern

You can make these bearded bobble beanies for baby boys, and they would like sweet, cuddly teddies.

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