97 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Jelly rolls, also known as pre-cut fabric strips are one of the best time-saving projects for most of the quilters. When the fabric gets already cut and coordinated, there is nothing much left to do rather than sewing together the strips for making a fantastic quilt. Once you have collected some jelly rolls for years together, you just need to choose some great designs for sewing them, and so we have some lovely easy, and favorite jelly rolled quilt patterns for all you passionate knitters. One can play with colors and textures for the rolled quilt, and these are quick-to-sew projects for anyone. Read more about 97 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

50 Quilted Handbags

Handbags, purses, tote bags and shoulder bags are all that we need for daily use, be it for office work or some stylish bags for party time and special occasions. An everyday handbag is the most perfect and stylish accessory. Women can be bag lovers for most times. Believe it or not, a lady will have special bags for almost everything and every occasion under the sun! So we have rounded up a huge list of bag patterns and guess what these are quilted ones! Grab your materials and get going with some adorable quilting and start sewing colorful bags. Read more about 50 Quilted Handbags

39 Tshirt Quilt Patterns

If you have piles of t-shirts and other clothing, but you get confused what to do with them. But you do not even want to lose them as they have special importance and meaning in your lives. Hence a t-shirt quilt might be the perfect solution to use up all your favorite t-shirts. One can not only get to revisit some of the old favorites while working upon them, and the finished product would get you satisfaction as well as it can have sentimental as well as practical values. Sewing and quilting your favorite clothing is a completely different experience for all you quilters. Read more about 39 Tshirt Quilt Patterns

48 Patchwork Quilts

If one is looking for the perfect pattern for quilts, we have explored out a collection of simple patchwork project for all you beginners in the quilting section. Numerous styles are there to choose for cozy and fun bedspreads and quilts for your bedrooms and your kids’ rooms including the designs such as the mermaid tail ones and other delicate patterns for the baby quilts. All the details are mentioned with instructions and illustrations that help you all through the building process in a friendly step-by-step process. Our goal form you is to make an assembly of all easy patterns for patchwork quilts so that you can finish the project in no time. Read more about 48 Patchwork Quilts

40 Macramé Wall Hanging Patterns

Here we have several numbers of macramé wall hanging patterns, and we are sure enough that you want to make all of them for these are incredibly beautiful. However, before you start tackling a complicated design, you need to get your hand at a basic and simple one for macramé knots incorporating them for your wall hangings. Here you can stumble over the perfect designs for these are lovely as well as moderately comfortable to craft and available with ready instructions. Hence, one can make a sweet little macramé hanging at first that comes much handy. Give this project a try, and we bet that you will inevitably fall in love! Read more about 40 Macramé Wall Hanging Patterns

15 Macramé Hammock Patterns

Summers are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for you to bask in the bright sunshine and sip a cup of cold coffee or some other beverages while enjoying a good storybook. And this kind of lounging cannot be better while lying on a hammock and swaying to and fro. Hence you can experience a relaxing outing in your garden itself with a handmade hammock. So we suggest you make a beautiful hammock with some macramé cords and enjoy the summer breezes. If one has her own garden and is willing to sunbath during the summertime or enjoy a garden or outdoor party, then a macramé hammock is the best option. Read more about 15 Macramé Hammock Patterns

10 Patterns for Macramé Curtains

Macramé curtains do not only look beautiful, but they can also give your room some of the most beautiful partial coverings. Your rooms can get a fantastic décor so make sure to use lighter and sweeter shades for the macramé cords. Macramé patterns can look best for crafting hammocks or other crafting projects. But you may try out some curtain patterns using these macramé knots in various color schemes. We have gathered some easy and fun designs for you so that you can start your macramé project with some fun-loving tricky curtain patterns. Read more about 10 Patterns for Macramé Curtains

36 Macramé Plant Hanger Patterns

Macramé is the art of knotting ropes and knitting them into beautiful items. These are the trendiest ways that can help you make boho-chic styled plant hangers. This style has originally resurrected since the 1970s, and every single ancestral house must have had these macramé plant hangers. But nowadays they have been better than the old styles so all you plant lovers must get out a lovely way for hanging the pots in your balconies or windows. You will surely love the ways macramé plant hangers where you can put your dearest plants to display both for indoor and outdoor decorations. Read more about 36 Macramé Plant Hanger Patterns

39 Macramé Bracelets Patterns

Those who have all grown up during the 1970s must have spent almost every bit of their childhood days in macramé craft works. They must have spent hours in tying the ends of the cords for creating ubiquitous tree hangers as those were the icons of that era. Macramé patterns were mostly used in the ancestral houses for making plant hangers that reflects a vintage style. You can also get back to the old times with some macramé patterns but this time not for the hangers but you can create beautiful and colorful bracelets with macramé cords and knots. Read more about 39 Macramé Bracelets Patterns

40 Macramé Necklace Patterns

Macramé knots can be mentioned as a unique crafting technique of textiles that have attained immense popularity over the years for its extraordinary style and, elegance and sophistication. Macramé knotting adds extravaganza and a stand out design to the items that are made from it. One can make a myriad of fashion accessories and daily stuff for regular and rough use by incorporating some attractive knotting patterns with macramé. If you have a passion for necklaces or willing to gift your dear ones an adorable present, a hand knitted and knotted macramé necklace would be the perfect choice. Read more about 40 Macramé Necklace Patterns

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