26 Macramé Owl Patterns

Having a cute owl hanging on a wall décor or bauble can be the most adorable decoration for any room. These can be lovelier if they are made using macramé techniques for they might have then an extra aesthetic touch to their outlook. So if one is eager to delve into a nocturnal lifestyle with these cuddly owls, then we are here with some of the most fabulous patterns to offer you to try out with some bunch of cords, beads and using different color schemes for more vibrancy. Macramé owl designs have been the most popular these days and in rage. Read more about 26 Macramé Owl Patterns

39 Baby Blanket with Tags

Many of you must not have heard of the term ‘tag blanket’ in your lives, so we bring for you cute moments of tag blankets. Many of you might see this for the first time. Tag blankets are small, and these are too small to provide any warmth. Many of them may be covered with little colorful ribbons. Tag blankets are too much fun to make and for babies the most enjoyable and portable way to explore different textures, colors as well as feel them with their hands. These are not blankets, however, in any sense. They are basically toys for babies, but they do not make noises like squeaking, squawking. Read more about 39 Baby Blanket with Tags

35 Clothespin Bag Patterns and Ideas

We can offer a whole collection of free clothespin bag ideas and techniques along with various patterns. A clothespin bag helps you keep the clothespins near at hand while hanging your laundry out for drying. We are sure you have been struggling while searching for the clothespins while hanging your clothes in the backyards. So, for this reason, we have gathered clothespin bag patterns that might help your way out. Also, clothespin bags can help you get rid of all your stash yarns by knitting them all together and accessing them as per your requirement of the bag size. Read more about 35 Clothespin Bag Patterns and Ideas

15 Crochet Shark Slippers

Crochet Slippers
Crochet Slippers

All other monsters sleeping in your child’s wardrobe will disappear if a hungry shark crochet slipper takes its place. These slippers can look adorable despite the fact that they are shaped like dangerous sharks. One cannot really get out over them for their cuteness level for these slippers can look incredibly adorable when one sticks his or her foot into snuggly shark mouths. These can be basically patterned for kids, but you can make them according to your requirements and adjust the patterns for the big or small feet sizes. One can be enough experienced in crocheting slippers.

Read more about 15 Crochet Shark Slippers

62 Crochet Table Runner Patterns

Cover your naked tables in your dining hall with some crocheted table runners or tablecloths. You can style them up varying from classic to the modern ones too depending on the skill levels right from the learner to the advanced stage. One can instantly create a delightful family heirloom with our most popular crochet patterns for table runners. One does not really need a proper reason to crochet as it can be the favorite hobbies of many people. You must undoubtedly be impressed with our unique collection of patterns for crocheting table runners, table mats, even coasters that would help groom up your tables and dining space. Read more about 62 Crochet Table Runner Patterns

40 Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

Everyone craves for a stocking every year, especially during the Christmas time. Make lots of these Christmas stockings this year and crochet them for you can have classic designs of treasured heirlooms. So get ready for the Christmas festivals with beautiful crocheting details and make fantastic clothing articles for many of your dear ones. You can make sophisticated crocheted gifts to bring a smile to your special ones’ faces. Make such little efforts for your near and dear ones with the help of our patterns to crochet Christmas stockings. You can make the holiday seasons more fun for your family or friends. Read more about 40 Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

47 Crochet Boot Cuffs Pattern

It is again time for the boot season in the northern hemisphere so make them a sure shot wardrobe stable both for men and women. Moreover, boot cuffs are one of the most fabulous ways to set an attractive look for you and help you to stand out from the rest. Boot cuffs apart from stylish accessories are practical stuff too for they can add a great layer of comfort and warmth while also keeping out dirt, snow or dry leaves. Crocheted boot cuffs have been very popular nowadays, and they are super easy to make, easily adjustable in size and can be customized in your favorite colors. Read more about 47 Crochet Boot Cuffs Pattern

48 Patterns For Crochet Skirt

If one would like to crochet a piece of clothing for herself or her dear ones, a skirt would be the loveliest of all choices. You can make crochet skirts in a variety of lengths, styles or designs. These can suit women of all age groups, to every size and cater to different fashion choices. Hence a crochet skirt project would be an ideal one for all crochet lovers and you can really enjoy the course of knitting. Crochet skirts can add an immense touch of personalization to your wardrobe. We have a collection of beautiful crochet skirts for you to enjoy! Read more about 48 Patterns For Crochet Skirt

76 Crochet Shrug Patterns

Shrugs are the perfect accessories for the chilly weathers and cool breezes. Shrugs are short jackets that provide the appropriate amount of warmth one needs whether it is neither too hot nor too cold. A bulky sweater or shawl can make you feel too hot and while putting on a tank top you will feel cold, so this shrug can make you comfy throughout the moderate days. Crocheting a shrug is pleasurable and a crochet shrug can be the perfect item for beautiful young ladies. We have simple crochet patterns to work up for all you shrug lovers. Read more about 76 Crochet Shrug Patterns

70 Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

Teddy bears can be the most adorable gift for anyone and they would definitely brighten up their day. Any individual regardless of their age can be delighted with crochet teddy bears. These are unique variations for crocheting. Teddies can be gifted to babies on their birthdays or any special occasion when they can begin to sleep in separate rooms so that they can hug with these soft bears and sleep while cuddling with them. Teddy bears can be great as Valentine’s Day gifts, also to moms and grand mom son mother’s day and so on. Read more about 70 Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

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