32 Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Crocheting has become such a favorite activity as one can learn newer techniques and try experimenting with various mediums. One might combine different traditional crocheting tools and various stitching patterns by wiring them to make beautiful jewelry. You just need a bit of practice for creating stunning wearable art pieces. While dressing up for a night out or even for office wears and casuals, you can make these fantastic patterns available here.  You can use their variety for everyday use or special occasions. You can find a range of patterns from the airy ones, to lacy patterns and beaded ones too to suit the right crafting projects for bracelets. Read more about 32 Crochet Bracelet Patterns

55 Crochet Pillow Patterns

One can easily spruce up the room decor with crocheted pillows. Some may be of beautiful decorative styles and others may be of simple patterns. One can crochet pillows and impress the guests quite effortlessly. Crocheting pillows is a quick and fun project and you will be delighted to show off your crocheting skills. These are fun and easy decorative crafts enhancing the decor of your bedrooms or your living space. Pillows and their covers are useful and they can add a great accent to your room decor. Pillows can be extremely versatile and they can be easily customized too. Read more about 55 Crochet Pillow Patterns

60 Crochet Slippers Patterns


This winter avoid getting cold feet! Get ready to crochet warm and toasty slippers this season for every member of your family with the help of our free patterns. Crocheted slippers are very comfortable to wear and very satisfying to make. Crochet slipper patterns may be both simple and complex designs and each type offers something different for the crafter. Crochet slippers can make excellent gifts. You can simply make a bunch of these and hand each of these to every guest coming to your house this holiday season! Knit a roundup of the cutest, warmest and coziest collection of slippers for your near and dear ones. Read more about 60 Crochet Slippers Patterns

41 Crochet Rug Patterns

Rugs help to soak up water and also get the dirt off your feet! But apart from their functional parts, rugs can be perfect for home decorations. Crocheted rugs are easier to work up and take less time. One can make them quite effortlessly and save money too while adding colors to your home décor. Crocheted rugs are fun projects, funky and are the perfect ways to freshen up your living space. And you need to spend only a few pennies! With the bright sunny weather and the lovely breezes, your interiors are surely getting some dirt with dust and drab. So you need a colorful rug will help you solve this problem in style. Read more about 41 Crochet Rug Patterns

29 Crochet Vest Patterns

Vests are all about layering and there can be no better layer than a vest itself. They are incredibly comfortable and can be worn over a shirt or even under it or a sweater. So we have gathered for you a collection of vest patterns. These are free crochet designs that will work up very fast and are great even as beginners’ projects. Crocheting vest will be more fun with these absolutely free patterns and you can easily find a charming vest to wear that will suit the fall and winter attire. Vests are comfortable to wear and easy to crochet! They appear beautifully to the eyes. Read more about 29 Crochet Vest Patterns

24 Crochet Basket Patterns

Baskets help in decluttering your house as well as adding a stylish décor to your rooms. Crochet baskets can be used for creating unique and adorable storage solutions at your home. These personalize your living space and can make excellent catch-all areas for all your stuff. Apart from household usage, you may also crochet some baskets for holidays and even for making gifts to special ones. We offer you a collection of patterns for making beautiful baskets. One can use a variety of stitches and techniques for different crocheting styles of the baskets. All in all, basket making is a super fun project! Read more about 24 Crochet Basket Patterns

38 Crochet Sock Patterns

Many people enjoy knitting and crocheting both at the same time and these projects help them advance better from one craft to the other. Knitting socks is a great example of superior craft project that makes people enjoy a lot. You can craft socks from yarn and crochet socks is an excellent option. In the recent times, some of the crochet designers have come up with a variety of beautiful crochet sock patterns along with innovative designs. The patterns have fun techniques and exciting yarn choices. We offer you fantastic sock patterns that would be cozy as well as cute to warm up your legs this winter season! Read more about 38 Crochet Sock Patterns

43 Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Everyone can use dishcloths, for washing your faces or body or even for cleaning up your messy kitchen space. Hence, a crochet dishcloth would be a perfect housewarming gift for anyone! No one likes to wash dishes so one can have a stylish thing to at least scrub the dishes so here we are to offer you attractive crochet patterns for a dishcloth. Hand crocheted dishcloths are much thicker than the ones available in the market. They look more luxurious and adorable too as a touch of personalization works here. Dishcloths are tiny bits of luxury and can help your dishwashing a bit pleasurable. We have free and fantastic patterns for you to enjoy! Read more about 43 Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

58 Crochet Bag Patterns

Bags are one of the most prominent fashion accessories and style statements one can have. While carrying one, your personality gets reflected and the bag displays a large variety of things about you and your self, for instance, your likes and dislikes and also your areas of interest. One of the most exciting craft projects is crocheting bags, purses and handbags. Crochet bags are delightful where you can use a variety of crochet patterns and needlework techniques. One may include the Tunisian crochet or integrate pretty beads or even appliqués. We welcome you to our index of crochet bag patterns where you can browse over different patterns absolutely free Read more about 58 Crochet Bag Patterns

75 Crochet Placemat Patterns

Little detailing like crochet patterns helps to enhance the look and decor of your home. Crochet placemats and table linens are among them. They add an extra style and help to reflect your personality to your guests. They also add a little bit of whimsy and make you feel cozier in your space. Crochet placements are functional and they also help to protect your tables, or other surfaces from being scratched, scraped or damaged. Placemats are lovely crocheting projects, affordable to do and you can get a beautiful set of placemats in the long run. Once you have one of these handmade placemats, you will surely want to make more of these. Read more about 75 Crochet Placemat Patterns

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