Vintage Glass Bead Garland

17 Beaded Garland Ideas


The colorful beaded garlands look exclusively beautiful, and the shimmery threads along with glittery beads enhance the grace. Arrange the colorful beads of your choice and design the garland. Customize the size according to your need and wrap it around Christmas tree or hang it on walls to give a charming look. The variety of […]

Wire Cursive Letters

60 Wire Letters Ideas


Decorate your home and your life with a new technique of creativity. Make use of copper, brass, colorful. Black and metallic wires and give shape to it in any form you want. The best way can be shaping it into a letter or a word that connects it to your heart. Here are the best […]

Paper Plate Bee Mask

74 Paper Plate Masks


Enhance the creative skills of your kid with innovative craft ideas. Use paper plates to make masks and engage your kiddo in this DIY too. You can try a wide variety of animal’s masks or favorite superhero masks from regular paper plates. This fun activity is a must holiday DIY; so get ready with the […]

Felt Ball Rug

13 Felt Ball Rug DIY Ideas


Give delicate feel to your home interior with colorful felt balls rug; the soft and comfortable rugs provide warmth, and they are necessary for winters. Moreover, if you are not comfortable in sewing, then glue these fluffy balls together to give the desired shape. Use these rugs in your bedroom, living room or bathroom and […]

Clothespin Card Hanging Wreath

27 Clothespin Wreath Ideas


Have you ever thought of using a clothespin to make something innovative; well here we are providing unique ideas to use clothespin differently. This DIY is easy and require limited supply so next time grab some simple clothespins and use the given ideas to make beautiful wreaths. Embellish the wreath in different ways as suitable […]

13 Adorable Washcloth Bunnies


Use a washcloth to make cute bunnies and give an adorable look to your lovely home. These bunnies are simple to design and make your Easter basket complete. Here we are providing you with unique ideas to enhance the charm of your home décor for upcoming festivals. You can accomplish the task in a couple […]

Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquet

30 Beautiful Cupcake Liner Flowers


Have you ever thought of doing creativity with cupcake liners? Well here are some ideas regarding this DIY. You can use your creative skills to make these flowers more interesting. These are the perfect gift for festivals, as the bunch of colorful flowers looks beautiful. You can also make a garland of alluring flowers or […]

Blown Up Balloon Wreath

21 Interesting Balloon Wreath Ideas


Deck up the entrance door or intensify home interior by colorful balloon wreath. Use it as your party décor and make your guests spellbound. You can embellish it with a bow or use any Disney character to enhance its grace. Show your creative skills and decorate these wreaths in various ways.     The medium […]

Instructions to Make Miniature Clothespin Dolls

30 Beautiful Clothespin Dolls


We are providing you some ideas to make colorful dolls with an old-fashioned wooden clothespin. The given links are helpful in making different hairstyles and facial expressions. These are perfect gifting option for Mothers day, or you can make an ethnic group representing different parts of the world. So get ready to design these lovely […]

Paracord Pouch/Can Koozie Using Vertical Half Hitching

35 Paracord Pouch DIY With Easy Tutorials


Paracords are thin and lightweight cords that are strong enough to break. You can make key chains, dog collar, bracelets and pouches with them. Here we are going to discuss a variety of pouches that protect your valuables and are extremely strong. These pouches are durable and graceful; they are washable so you can reuse […]

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