Pinwheel Quilt

46 Mesmerizing Pinwheel Quilt patterns


There are numerous patterns available for making quilts; However, the pinwheel is quite an interesting and simple one. You only need to have contrast color fabrics to get the perfect pattern. Join different pinwheel blocks to get the desired size of your quilt. The dark and light color combination gives a beautiful look; Make the […]

Yo-Yo Quilt Christmas Tree

28 Attractive Yo-Yo Quilts Impressive Patterns


The elegant Yo-Yo design is easy and requires only hand stitch, the round shape fabric with the edges underside gives perfect shape. The beautiful pattern gives an excellent look at the final product. How to Make A Yoyo Quilt? Follow the instructions carefully to make your handcrafted simple beautiful and elegant quilt. The mesmerizing vibrant […]

Animal Printed Rag Quilt

40 Of The Latest Rag Quilts


This pattern is fun to make and is quite easy; you need to make the blocks and stitch them together. The stitch is simple, and the design gives a beautiful look to the final product. Choose the colors of your choice and show your creativity. The pattern gives the distinct appearance to all the blocks; […]

DIY Photo Quilt

21 Beautiful Photo Quilts


Photo quilts are the best way to cherish beautiful memories. These quilts have photos printed all over it so you can enjoy the warmth as well as your favorite memorable moments. They are the perfect housewarming gift for your near and dear ones. How to Make a Photo Quilt? Follow the instructions and make this […]

Quilted Placemat with Pocket

30 Beautiful Quilted Placemats


Make your table look beautiful with quilted placements; the unique patterns and alluring designs make it attractive. The eye-catching patterns are easy to make and needs less time to prepare. This DIY does not require any extra preparation so that you can make them quickly without hassle.   The pattern looks lovely and easy to […]

Patchwork Bedroom Curtains Made from Vintage Scarves

20 Latest Patchwork Curtains


Give a unique look to your home with patchwork curtains; these curtains are easy to make and the best way to clear your stash. The different colorful patches look mesmerizing and garner everyone’s attention. Try these patterns and decorate your home with colorful curtains. It is the time to use your discarded clothes; arrange patches […]

Patchwork Quilt Pattern

22 Beautiful Patchwork Quilts


Make different creative designs with the help of fabric pieces. These fabric pieces are arranged and sewn together to make exclusively beautiful quilts. You can use discarded clothes or new fabrics to make these quilts. Try them and enjoy the warmth during winters. The different color fabrics give the elite appearance and enhance its beauty. […]

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