13 Sock Monkey Knitting Pattern

Rather than buying sock monkeys for your child this year, make sure you knit them for them. They are classic toys and appreciated by everyone. Sock monkeys can be stuffed toys recreated for use as knitted accessories. Do not think about it as we have some patterns for you so that you can rock your monkey sock knitting patterns with much ease and subtlety. You can also have the crochet patterns for the sock monkey knits. They can be great as gifts for your new baby girl. You are surely going to enjoy this latest and unique knitting pattern with our innovative methods. Read more about 13 Sock Monkey Knitting Pattern

12 Knitted Finger Puppet Patterns

In the contemporary world, handmade toys or dolls are a rarity. If you want to gift an adorable one which can be cherished favourite of the receiver, you must choose a set of knitted finger puppets. Everyone will be in awe of your thoughtfulness for these darling finger puppets. They are made to entertain little ones and bring a smile to their faces. These are simple and fast completing knitting patterns and a perfect way for cleaning out your yarn bins. This is also a great kid knitting project, but adults will love it. Sewing will be fun with these puppet knits. Read more about 12 Knitted Finger Puppet Patterns

12 Knitted Doll Patterns

It’s Christmas Time! So bring out your knitting needles and we are sure that you will love a huge selection of knitted dolls. If not you, your cherubs will surely do. Knitting and designing dolls can turn out to be a great hobby for many. You can get to try out new patterns, ideas, concepts and techniques while making dolls. These can be very quick to knit as smaller in size. One can have a pretty eclectic collection of doll patterns, but you should be very careful of making any mistakes as they may be complicated at times. Dolls require frequent changing of colours and a lot of stuffing and seaming too. Read more about 12 Knitted Doll Patterns

12 Amigurumi Knitting Patterns

Amigurumi is the simplest art of knitting or crocheting stuffed dolls and toys. It is a Japanese art form of knitting cute and tiny stuffed figures. Nothing is as cute as Amigurumi Knits. These are incredible knit projects for anyone so get ready to bring out your hidden skills and start making super cute Amigurumi patterns. However, you cannot make a limit in making Amigurumi patterns, they can be right from knitted animals to flowers and even kitted cars. They are often too adorable and as they are smaller in size, they do not require too much of yarn. But again, Amigurumi knitting can be challenging for you than any other knit pattern. Read more about 12 Amigurumi Knitting Patterns

9 Totoro Knitting Pattern

Designing stuffed toys can be your favorite pastime and if it is animated characters, then the hobby turns out to be more fun-filled. You can make many patterns, simple but exciting to make cartoon patterns for your items. But the most famous friendly spirit coming from the Famous Japanese movie “My Neighbor Totoro” is the Totoro which is such an animated character that can be used widely as a pattern. You can knit a huge white or gray Totoro toy for your little ones to cuddle and they prove to be best friends for kids. Totoro patterns also can be used for knitting cushions, hats or other accessories. Read more about 9 Totoro Knitting Pattern

16 Knitting Patterns for American Girl Dolls

Knitting or designing clothes for dolls can be the best hobby for many. You may try out new concepts, techniques or ideas for these patterns. They are smaller and also swift to knit, very handy but cute. One may use crochet or knit patterns for these dresses for girl dolls. Knit various kinds of doll outfits for different occasions or places right from the seaside outfits to office attire. Or you might even knit traditional dresses like princess gowns to ancient styled dresses. Conventional doll outfits may also look great when put on. Many of the costumes can be knit such that they will look like coming out straight of fairy tales. Read more about 16 Knitting Patterns for American Girl Dolls

10 Teddy Bear Knitting Patterns

Get started with knitting teddy bears with our fantastic knitting patterns! You can include all your favorite bears in your knitting collection. This bear pattern should be a part of your Knittables and you should now begin a new exciting project of “knit a teddy collection’.  You must knit this bunch of teddy bears with cute outfits sewn on them; little accessories for an adorable look and create a perfect teddy to gift someone dear. All kids and children will surely love to have these soft and beautiful knitted teddy bears. Everyone will cherish this forever and even in some cases, these sweet teddy bears can be passed on as family heirlooms. Read more about 10 Teddy Bear Knitting Patterns

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